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Living Life with Purpose

The more you accomplish, the greater your ability to make an impact in your life and the lives of those you love. Success brings great opportunities and new paths to pursue, but it also brings complexity and uncertainty as you try to align your wealth with your goals and values. At Atlantic Planning Group, we help to simplify your financial world so you can maximize and protect what you’ve worked so hard to create. We offer a comprehensive approach and a lifelong relationship rooted in performance and trust, and our mission is to give you the clarity you need to make wise financial decisions and enjoy your life with greater peace and purpose.

Refreshing Simplicity

The world and your circumstances may change, but we help provide education and clarity about your finances so you can make confident decisions. As you grow and your life evolves, we help you understand, organize, and simplify your strategies so you can focus on enjoying the life you’ve created. 

Synergistic Planning

We work closely with you and your trusted advisors to develop a strategically integrated financial plan. We collaborate regularly because we want to ensure all components of your wealth—both tactical and fundamental—are developed intentionally, executed efficiently, and reviewed consistently.

Renewed Perspective

As you and your business grow, we help you look beyond your present circumstances so you can make strategic decisions that support your most ambitious goals. Our mission is to help you visualize the next phase of your life so you can effectively manage your wealth and business with complete peace of mind about the future.

Your Lifelong Guide

With more than three decades of high-net-worth planning experience, we deliver a superior level of competency bolstered by unshakable integrity. We’re deeply committed to cultivating trust, loyalty, and value in our relationships, and because of that, our clients have confidence we’ll guide them with sincere wisdom through every season of life. We build lasting relationships with those we serve, and we specialize in comprehensive wealth management for the following types of clients:

  • Established Businesses
  • Multigenerational Families
  • High-Net-Worth Individuals